Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DEAR JACK, We Love You

The mastermind behind the songs that changed our lives for the better has released a documentary. We have been awaiting the opportunity to see the delicious tortured genius in his natural habitat, but these circumstances make it bittersweet. Andy McMahon had leukemia, but is in remission now. The documentary, DEAR JACK, shows his struggle with the disease while finishing up what was thought to be his legacy, his last piece of art. h In 2007, he released Everything in Transit, a soul melting album including DARK BLUE. This imaginative, picturesque, song captures the essence of everything simple and happy and pure in the world. This, along with all of his other songs are about his now wife, whom he possibly loves more than anyone has ever loved anybody. Video and # new songs available on itunes. Andy is still touring, still strong, still sexy. Read his blog on the jacks mannequin website, its amazing!!!

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