Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We Promise this is the last post about twilight 2

Ok after seeing it a third time, we have some more critique. This is not a twilight blog and never will be, unless we decide to grow 8 years younger, 50 pounds fatter, and loose our taste. It is beautiful and romantic   (the first more so than the second), but the red contacts get tiring and nightmare-inducing after a while. We've watched it 4 times in the past 48 hours in effort of making it less lovable. Goal not really reached, but we've made some more observations.
1. What kind of Remedial English class are they in reading Romeo&Juliet in twelfth grade? We read it in seventh grade.
2. If they're so enticed to the smell of blood, must she stay away during her cycles?
3. How hot does Carlisle look in those eighteenth century pants?
4. All those people in the red robes in Italy are probably Twilight Queers, especially the porker she knocked into.
5. FACT: British people have really jacked up teeth. FACT: If you're a millionaire actor IN AMERICA, you can improve your looks(ergo career) by getting some ZOOM whitening or something.
6. Why is Twilight on the same shelf of rainy day movie picks as Breakfast at Tiffanys and Gone With the Wind?


-city-love- said...

definitely laughed out loud at #2 haha

Carina the Blogarina said...

7. Why have you watched this THREE times when you dislike it? Some kind of self torture thing?? :)

Ire A said...

LOL at 2., and soo agree with 3. !


siklittlepiece said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I thought about #2 too! Seriously cause it might smell a little more rank than the regular blood... also how do they go to school with all the girls??? I mean somebody has to be on their period at all times right?

Shayna said...

I can't believe I forgot #2 in all the mocking/secret watching/reading/analyzing/hating I've done of these books/movies!

Because seriously I'm pretty sure that without the sexy glitter thing going on Edward would be in a program to prevent domestic abuse

Misery said...

ha, good post :) I need to finally rent this movie and watch it. About these ppl in red robes - I've read somewhere that while they were shooting this scene they invited some fans on the set and, basically, ppl in red robes are Twilighters :) And as for red contacts - they're creepy but, well, there had to be something that made BAD vampired look different than these awfully saint Cullens :)

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