Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thank You Christian!!!

So, we've bee absolutely terrified to watch Poseidon, but finally we did. There's a few hot guys in it, but thee one we are most concerned with is Chris. He plays Emmy Rossum's fiancee on the movie, and looks gorgeous next to her, even though she is ridiculously pretty. We wanted to find out who he was, so we did it the lazy way, googling "Christian in Poseidon." The first 70 results were Christian Louboutin's poseidon shoe, and we had to go add movie to the search to find Mike Vogel's name. So, it was definatly double worth it!!!!


roxybelle said...

I'm not even gonna lie. I'm addicted to your blog.

Sadako said...

Ijust found your blog, and I'm really liking it, too.

I love your naming sense. Brigitte Bordeaux...Brunch at Barney's.

Sincere Lee said...

That Louboutin is SICK! and your blog is uber chic :)

Brunch girls said...

Thank you so much! And yes, we love brigitte Bordeaux, she was so darling in her Chanel flats, we love her style as well as Audrey hepburn's (Hepburn is cliche we know, but we love her just the same).

Little Miss Paige said...


Little Miss Paige

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