Monday, February 15, 2010

Birkin List Was Just For Show

For all you who have waited patiently for that call for months and months. The call that meant you finally reach the top of "the list", that the Hermes employee so kindly put you on. The call that would make hundreds of heads turn when you casually stroll through town with your new Birkin on your arms. The call that seems like it'll never come. Will you can stop waiting because it's not going to come. It seems that the Birkin Bag waiting list never existed. For those of you who have read Bringing Home The Birkin, you know one of the ways to get around it, buy plenty of other things first, then while checking out you casually ask for one.
However in this economy their sales are dropping and are desperate for profit. So what does this mean for you? Hermes is now dying to sell you their must have bag. They are even willing to go as far as to ship one to you from the manufacturer if you aren't satisfied with the stores selection. One New York shopper had a bag called in from California, and when she didn't like it, the salesperson called in an entirely different bag from an entirely different store.
Which brings us to the question, if the Hermes employees can tone down their intimidation and snootiness, why can't Neimans ?

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