Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beamer Drivers

Regardless of how you travel, (taxi, train, subway, driving, or private driver) you will have noticed several things. The train is beautiful, and the subway is well.... Not, but the road is at the very least exciting. And let us be not the first to notice, nor the first to say:BMW drivers are the worst. Its like they think they're in a Ferrari or something-strange considering the 200 thousand dollar pruce difference. They switch lanes quickly and cut people off along with speeding up and slowing down for no apparent reason. If we worked for an insurance company, we would inflate the rates more for BMW drivers of all ages than we would for sixteen year old boys with bad grades and accident history, with new expensive cars (and not just because those are the type of boys we dated in Highschool).


siovhan said...

i feel this very same way!! they either drive recklessly or drive 30 miles under the speed limit.

TabithaVenasse said...

Bah. BMW drivers are bad... Toronto drivers? Make BMW drivers look like polite, considerate drivers. Orangeville drivers are even worse. *sigh*

Anthony said...

The guys who have an illusion of success in terms of wealth. Maybe a bluetooth head set to go along with that car. A car that they lease mind you. You see, I have the good fortune of living in the same town with Warren Buffet and well Mr. Buffet lives in a normal sized house, drives a crappy car to work and wears normal clothes.

Typically this "bmw driver" that you mention is likely insecure about who they are, they've found relative success compared to others they grew up with and will never strive for more. Unless their job requires them to drive around clients or make an impression as such then if their interest was truly in making more money they would have never bought or leased a bmw in the first place.

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