Sunday, January 31, 2010

And Here You Were Thinking You Couldn't Afford To Dress Like Us

 We usually hate these kind of things.
But we figure we do it much better than the Magazines.

Alexander Wang $575                                                                                                    Kurt Slasher $112

3.1 Phillip Lim $450                                                           American Apparel $38 (we can't believe we're promoting this brand either)


Lanvin $1,120                                                                                                              Kate Spade $595


Miu Miu Blazer $1,060                                                                                   Elizabeth & James $395


Herve Leger $650                                                                                          Pleasure Doing Business $110


nic said...

i like this. people are clearly in need of your guidance. it is kind of sad when a brilliant garment gets cheapened in some senses - e.g. the poor tailoring etc. kind of tarnishes the beauty of the original - but i appreciate those who make decent fashion accessible to all. and as i said, heaven knows many people have no clue what fashion is, so thanks for trying to give them a clue. ;)

Shayna said...

I'm automatically skeptical of anything associated with the ragamuffins formerly known as the Olsen twins, but Elizabeth & James is actually quite nice --- I like that the jackets/tops have high armholes to avoid strange gappiness

Beth said...

I spy Nasty Gal! *wink wink*

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