Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Something for your eyes.... and ears

Normally when we find out yet another celebrity is making an album we gag and don't think about it another second. Until we see it getting made fun of on Chelsea Lately. But, any excuse to look at this guy right?

Baptiste Giabiconi, a French model and Karl Largefeld's muse recently announced he's having an album come out. Although techno beats aren't really are thing, hot guys are.

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Mango said...

sexy man.

Sincere Lee said...

Ummm, brunch is delicious today! Cheers! (raising my bellini).

Anonymous said...

Oh.. nice cheekbones, handsome.

Although, something has to be done with that hair. In a couple of those shots I think it's making a good stab at escaping off his head.

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