Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dats da truf

Truvia, a naturally formulated sugar substitute has shown up on our radar, so we decided to break our disgusting but energizing diet of skim lattes and coke zero to take it for a test run. All and all, we like it. It tastes similar to Splenda, while providing the comfort of being from plants. We would not however, use it in baking or anything like that unless we enjoyed puking. Which we did once, but we don't want to relapse. So pick up a box of worlds most expensive sugar and enjoy the zero calories.


P.B. said...

Ooooh... I do NOT recommend this in coffee either... O-fen-SIVE. Otherwise- delicious!

Shayda said...

i tried this and it was just bad man, twas not as good as the real thing. im just gonna stick with sugar and all its glorious calories

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