Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dear Exclusive Fashion Industry, We Miss You!

If you look at our blog you'll realized we barley covered New York and Paris' fashion weeks. The truth is we didn't need to. Fashion designers are streaming their shows LIVE straight to their Twitter and Burberry even invited everyone who visited their site this last week to purchase the looks that were just seen on the runway. One would think we'd be going mad over this, we miss back when high fashion was exclusive. When we'd read the semi vague coverage in our coveted W Magazine a month later. Day dreaming about what a John Galliano fashion show would be like. Counting the months and days to when the runway looks would hit stores. Okay, buying the clothes now is pretty cool.

So what are your thoughts? Did you prefer when the scenes were all
Behind closed doors or do you think this was ultimately


Melanie M said...

I think it's fantastic that we can take part in high fashion & watch it streaming live. It makes the collection more widely known! :)


Anonymous said...

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :)

u've got a great blog!

roxybelle said...

Loooving all the new posts! Very entertaining :)

Also ladies, you have a fun little blog award waiting for you on my blog :)

4trainFabulous said...

Just spent the last two hours scrolling through and reading you blog and I LOVE it! I want to live inside it! Can't wait to keep reading!

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