Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Redeeming of Vera Wang

Once upon a time, an adorable little Asian woman named Vera Wang dreamed up the most beautiful wedding gowns in all the land. Young girls and spinsters in the town used to dream of how they would wear Vera Wang at their fairytale weddings. The king and his court would attend her fashion shows, and Princesses and Queens would commission gowns for the Royal Balls. Because of this, it was beautiful and simple and pure all throughout the land. But then Vera went off her Haloperidol and started creating shirts and shorts and towels and jewelry and shoes and sleepwear and intimates (OH MY!) to be distributed and sold exclusively at Kohl's Retailers throughout the United States! But worst of all, Vera pretended this hadn't happened and continued to make her beautiful gowns! But then, Kiera Knightly put on one of her gowns and danced across the pages of Elle and another model did too (GORGEOUS HAIR in the ad!) , and everyone forgave her for the Kohl's nightmare (except the brunch girls) and all seemed right in the land once more.

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Tierra "aRRe" Lee said...

You tell a great story. This was cute

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