Monday, March 29, 2010

The Fundementals

What Every Brunch Girl Needs

1. A Party And Cocktail Dress
2. A Day Dress
3. A Jacket

4. A T-Shirt

5. A Pair Of Shorts
6. A Pair Of Jeans

7. A Skirt

8. A Pair Of Heels (Anything Under 4 Inches Doesn't Count)

9. A Pair Of Sandals, Flats, And Sneakers


Shayna said...

Love the shoes you picked :-) Any tips on wearing flats for short girls, so I don't look frumpy (frump = death)

Miss Marilee said...

Sigh...this is why I can't WAIT to get out of Iowa!!

Wynn Wygal said...

Do you know where the white t-shirt on the far left is from? I like that a lot.

Also, have mini skirts gone out of style? I see that you have one up there, but I still haven't been seeing many in stores and in magazines. However, I must admit that when I am away from New York for long enough I slowly devolve into a sweat pants-wearing sloth. Anyways, can you two make mini skirts come back? And I don't mean "mini skirts" in the Abercrombie jean cut-off, bedazzled kind of way. I have in mind a couple Miu Miu style from a few years back.

I apologize if my ADHD-laden digression does not make sense.

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