Sunday, March 28, 2010

And Who Says Only Good Things Have To Come To End?

Juicy Couture Co-Founders Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy have announced they will be leaving their 15 year old 200 million dollar company to quote make a television show. book, and a movie.
You still there? Yeah, we don't buy it either. See we think the company has been biding its time since Liz Claiborne took over. And apparently so do they, "They've been saying the firm was over since we first sold the company in 2003," Nash-Taylor said. Undoubtedly, they've worked their perfect little over plastic surgerized asses off to make something as trivial as a track suit so popular and they've got the spider veins to prove it. But do they really think they can make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry? Or are they better off manipulating sixteen year old girls minds into thinking its okay to wear a sweat suits more than once a weak?
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Molly Bryn said...

They shall call their show, "Juicy Bitches: In Velour with Botox." Bravo's next hit.

Lady Mel said...

Not another reality show. ;S

Krislyn said...

hahaha love your bashing of juicy couture! i've never loved them and never understood why they're so popular!

Shayna said...

Scariest thing I ever saw: Going to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, seeing Chanel level fabulous fashion designs of the times... and Juicy Couture as the style of the 00s.

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