Friday, March 26, 2010

What the Fendi?

Dear Fendi,
           We used to hate you. These shoes made us love you. They're perfect and vintagey and will go with everything. Make more things like that. If we had our way, half the stuff you actually distribute for sale would be in that old lady brandless department of nordstrom that wreaks of Chanel Number 5 or on the clearence rack of some ghetto, hole-in-the-wall Salvation Army in South dakota, discarded by some filthy bawd. But once, you did one thing right and thats good for you! We feel compelled, however self-contradictory, to bring up that all of your ads are absolutely brilliant, and a few of your bags, and Cruise 2008 was a really good time for you. Our main greivance: not much of the stuff featured in ads makes it to mass production, which is normal due to cost, but the things you distribute aren't even similar. We just like the shoes, we'll probobly buy them, your first step into re-admittance in the world of REAL fashion is, of course, BRUNCH approval (which isn't earned yet) and you've taken a Step in the right direction!
                         Best Regards, (we learned to close professional mail with that from Bill at Balenciaga, and just ruined it by telling you that, but we're not actually emailing this to those corporate drones)
                                            the girls that BRUNCH
P.S. Stop trying to be Prada! You never were and never will be, give up.


roxybelle said...

FYI, I'm willing to have your babies. Thank you so much for directing some traffic over to me :) That's the nicest thing I've experienced all week.

(always)alanna said...

this is absolutely amazing.
like, amazing.

Brunch girls said...

No problem Roxxy. And thanks Alanna, wed hoped you all would like this.

Shayna said...

Love these shoes! And this post --- too funny!

Anonymous said...

these shoes are awesome indeed. I've always had mixed feelings about Fendi, too, but, yeah, seeing these beauties makes me kind of change my mind a bit :)

Prefecta said...

My Fendi shoes were love with the first step. I did not need them, I hardly ever wear them for certain reasons but I couldn't help it.
An I had tried on Manolos, Choos, Chanel, Dior, Louboutin... none of those made me lose my mind like Fendi's.
xoxo, Prefecta
Another Fab Day

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