Friday, March 26, 2010


Attention all readers and FOLLOWERS: RoxxyBelle is our savior and regardless of how you heard of our blog, we owe a lot of it to RoxxyBelle. Thanks to every single one of you, our formspring, our techie who doesn't read it, Life:Forward, our groups, our followers, and everything/everyone in between we are fast approaching the 150 follower mark (this is how WE measure success)! So click on the title and give this girl some love along with a lot of our Followers' blogs. If you like us, you might like some of them!!!! Thanks everyone (especially regulars, followers and commenters)!! BTW when you google happy, the first result is Homer Simpson in his ttidy whities, second is hos, and third is the classic smiley face. i hate how this world is run by Disgusting middle aged men.


Beth said...

That is seriously fantastic!

I haven't really utilized my followers tool. I mostly use the bookmarks on my blog or on my computer.

But congratulations! That's a huge following. You guys rock.

Becca Christensen said...

I used this exact picture in a post a couple months ago. : ] You have good image taste.

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