Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh Hot Damn, Look at that!!!!

We're very fashion foreward people, so we've tried to keep this secret, but we can't contain ourselves!!! Cesare Piacotti just might be Jesus, we mean think about it, has anyone ever seen them at the same time?  Not only are these gorgeous shoes cheap, you'd believe that each was one of a kind. They sit in our closet, breathing the same air as our Christian Loubutins, all the while managing to outshine them by looking royal and expensive. They should be in the freaking Crown Jewel Vault, yes we said that. Not only are they BRUNCH approved and cheap and gorgeous, but the platform part that a lot of them have (take notes Muiccia: Only Cesare can do it right) makes them comfortable too. Every New Yorker knows that a comfy heel  is worth its weight in gold. It is our dream to meet him.


Deconstructed Life - Fashion and Beauty from a Gritty City said...

I love Cesare Piacotti shoes! Funny story -- the first law firm I worked at handled his store leases :-)

Brunch girls said...

That is amazing!! I would love to be a lawyer. Lol

Vickie said...

Those are amazing! I want! xx

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