Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Guys That Wear Dark Wash Jeans

This is not a post, it is a lifestyle. If your man wears anything besides dark wash jeans, chuck bass clothes, tennis clothes, nothing, or tuxes on special, majizzcal occasions, its time to say goodbye. Don't get us wrong, straight guys aren't for everyone. If you choose to be a lonesome, insecure, cookie-cutter fag hag and date some guy that wears light wash skinny jeans, then be our guest. more for us! Speaking of which, we've created a list of the most delectable guys around (the ones that can be conveniently found on Google Images, anyway)

Henry Cavill
Rob Pattibson
Matthew McFayden(not as hot as Mr.Darcy)
Daniel Craig
Andy McMahon
Ed Westwick
Chace Crawford
James Franco
Christian Bale
  David Beckham
                              Sean Farris-GAY
                            Gerrard Butler- DILF                       
                             James Marzden
                              Chris Pine
                              Robin Thicke
                               Ryan Reynolds
                                James Lafferty
                                 Eric Bana
                              Chris Hemsworth
                                Ryan Gossling
                               Austin Nichols 
                              Matt Lautner
                 Micheal Bublae
           Dustin Milligan-Canadien Meat
              Matt Czuchry- serial killer chic
             Jonathon Rhys Myers   



Carina Blogarina said...

Haha.. I would love if my boyfriend would wear something abit more trendy and sleek, but hey at least I'm not stuck with baggy jeans, pierced ears, jewelry of any kind really, a cap to side or backwards. I just hate it when men in their late 20ties early 30ties look like Dennis the Menace.

Kim said...
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Kim said...

i wish my fiance would dress sexy and trendy. kinda like ryan reynolds in this picture http://blog.taragana.com/e/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/ryan-reynolds3.jpg

roxybelle said...

Mostly agree, I just need you to add Jonathon Rhys Myers to this list and it would be perfect :)


André Leech said...

I don't see my name in that list of delectable guys

bex said...

I approve that list.

Anonymous said...

Missed Jake Gyllenhaal

Anonymous said...

Excellent list... And Mr. Darcy reference... I would add Colin Firth circa 15 years ago (i.e. when he was Mr. Darcy to that list)... :-) Happy day ladies!

Johana Hill said...

My husband loves black jeans. And he's way more stylish than I am! Sad but true.

Left you an award. Go grab it! ;p

Andy said...

Skinny jeans rule :D :P x

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Anonymous said...

I so agree! Must marry Chuck Bass!


Brandy Shaloo said...

great choices! very hot guys among them :D

lovely blog by the way!

Alisha C said...

No choclate for the sistas?

Anonymous said...

There is not a whole lot I wouldn't do for the delicious Daniel Craig. Mother of God that man is gorgeous.
As for light-washed jeans, I cold not agree more. Gross.

Ess said...

Definitely a good list. yumm......

Anonymous said...


Guoliang Yu said...

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