Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tom Ford Takes On Womenswear

If you've ever stepped into a Tom Ford store, you know it's the epitome of all things male and sex. As soon as you walk in you are offered either a glass of scotch or gin (as un-lady like as this may be we prefer gin and scotch over vodka and cosmos any day). Gorgeous, but questionably gay men, walk around in Tom Ford's sexy suits. Every piece of clothing you see, from the dark wash jeans with buttons that are real gold to the omnipresent Tom Ford bow ties are beautifully crafted, deliciously colored, and ridiculously priced. The suits however are what defines Mr. Ford's legacy. Remember Gucci before he took over? Hate to be the one to remind you, but it was just one big hot mess of prepster boredom. And after he left? Walk into any Gucci boutique and you'll understand how we can thank Frida Gianni (their designer) for our invention of the term Ghetto Fabulous. But that Heavenly time when he was there, it was all sexed up rich Italian slash high class escort wear. Walk into any Tom Ford store and you'll see those same amazing suits. Lavish fabrics, stylish cuts, it left us wishing we were a guy.
But now we can say good bye to those androgynous temptations because starting Fall 2010 Tom Ford is designing womenswear!!! We couldn't be more excited and anxious. In a time where Zac Posen and Ana Sui are doing economy lines and dare we say Lanvin and Chanel clothes are letting us down this season, it's about time they are thrown some competition to kick them back into shape. What we really can't wait for though, are the stores. If they're anything like the mens we're moving in. 

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Felica Mosley said...

Girls, this is exceptionally written.
I will keep an eye out for these since they have been brunch approved.

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