Thursday, April 1, 2010


Nurse Jackie has quickly become our favorite show, and not just because Chuck bared his teeth on Gossip Girl and United States of Tara just got really disgusting. Right now we're only 2 episodes into the second season, so its not to late to catch up on the first season. This in not an intense show, but its amazing and calming and perfect decompressing time Mondays at 10 on Show Time, if thats what you do. You can watch the whole first season on demand, free for Showtime subscribers. One of the best parts of the first season is when a man gets in a fight with a hooker and gets his ear cut off in the midst of it, but is protected from arrest because he's an ambassador. Nurse Jackie, of course saves the day by literally taking the ear in to her own hands,  yelling "Fuck You!" in it and then proceeding to flush it down the toilet, later she blames the mishap on the inept intern Zoey. Jackie is a pill popping nurse wit a very surprising home life, for those of you who haven't gad the pleasure of seeing the first season. Delish Coop (mmmmmm, Carlisle) complains about Jackie to Akalitus, the hospital manager (total bitch, according to a patient "Akalitus sounds like a disease") and she pulls out a notepad and begins writing. By the end of this interaction, Coop is in tears, and the note pad is revealed to say "This guy is such an asshole" over and over.
O'Hara is the fabulous british doctor. Her escapades never seise to entertain us, neither do her outfits. This week, she wore a burberry trench, Louboutins, and a new Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, all thrown together while she was on E. She also wears an Hermes scarf, which she gave to Zoey (who'd recently switched from her casual birkenstocks to her work crocs-ugh!) who was flattered. When someone later compliments the scarf she says "thanks. Its from HEARMS which I guess is a pretty good store," of course sending us in fits of howling laughter.

Thoar is a big, sweet, gay, nurse. We absolutely adore him, despite his Pok√©mon name. 

Coop has a nice face, not just hot, but he seems like he'd actually be a nice person. Jackie, doesn't appreciate this and ends up leading him on and being a total bitch to him. He starts Tweeting about her "bitchy nurse being bitchy." Later, she reprimands him for twittering about her and he refuses to quit. "If I say 'cys fib' would they know that's cystic fibrosis?" To which Jacks responds "If I say 'effe you,' would you know that's eat shit?" 

God lives across the street and yells at people out the window. He experiences psychosis and skizofrenia. We only mention him because he said Coop is "super handsome, like Clark Gable." Which is very true, he is super handsome like Clark Gable (not implying that they look alike, we know they don't).

Nurse Jackie is the best show ever. Not only did it teach us that the number one ingredient in hot dogs is cancer, but it delivers us with a weekly half hour of time with our favorite doctor. A character on this show is also in Remember Me with our other favorite Twilight man! Thanks Jacks!

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