Monday, March 1, 2010

We Just Died!!!!

Our obsession d'an is ovbiously Edward Cullen, but we're liking that Rob Pattinson boy more and more. He has a new movie coming out with our favorite Bond, Pierce Brosnan (sorry Daniel!)!! The movie, Remember Me, looks positively delishous, perhaps just because our favorite boys are in it! We can't wait to see it, especially when it comes out on BLUray.
BTW, we just saw The Time Traveller's Wife.
yes, we cried.
No, we didnt like it, the acting was unconvincing and the writing didn't let us like them as a couple, its as if it skipped a step.
yes, we think the book would be good.
yes, Eric Bana is sexy, but Rachel McAdams is hotter.


André Leech said...

I watched the time traveler's wife and I have to say even though I haven't read the book yet, this movie was directed quite poorly. Just couldn't feel connected to the characters. But then again, it would be impossible to explore characters in detail in a mere 2 hours, especially with such a heavy storyline.

-city-love- said...

i read about the ending to remember me..i couldn't help myself. either way, i will definitely be seeing this movie.

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