Monday, March 1, 2010

We've kept our mouths shut too long... It's time we talk about Tavi

When we first read about this twelve year old blogger we rolled our eyes. But when days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and people still couldn't go two minutes without mentioning this girl's blog we decided to check it out. And that's how we've come to realize that the Teen Vogue writers we read it in ( i know i don't know why we still read those either) really were that desperate to find something to write about. And all the frenzy going on is due to HER AGE PEOPLE, not her fashion sense. Come on, would you take fashion advice from a thirteen year old? We personally think that brands like Rodarte caught wind of this tween blogging trend and used her (well not used her...) for advertisement. Now don't get us wrong, that little girl is pretty amazing for becoming this popular in one year, but still shouldn't she be doing homework or whatever thirteen year olds have to do?

Tavi isn't the only kid fashion blogger to catch the public eye either now. But not to worry Barney's very own visionary window dresser-turned-global style oracle Simon Doonan has a plan, "The shows this season were full of teen/tween bloggers. I feel like they are trying to nudge me out of my front-row seat. Luckily, I have a plan for next season. Since they are all about my height, I am going to impersonate one of them. I am going to wear a doily on my head (Tavi!) and tell everyone I am a teen blogger. If they ask why I am so wrinkled, I will tell them that I have progeria."


Shayda said...

i hope i dont get blacklisted from the blogging community for saying this but you are kind of right man. her style is definitely unique, and shes a good writer, but i dont think we should all be worshipping her. when i was thirteen i was staying up until midnight solving quadratic equations and waking up at 4 am to finish essays on Mesopotamian Civilizations.
That was a little too revealing *bows head in shame*

Anonymous said...

Ha, there are younger fashion "bloggers" than Tavi - I've read somewhere that there's 5 years old girl "blogging" about fashion :) On a serious note - I think that the whole popularity of Tavi is connected to rising importance of fashion bloggers. Designers suddenly want them in the first rows and who's going to get more attention from press than eccentric 13-year-old with giant bow on her head? And when Tavi in the first row gets some attention from press, the designer gets attention as well. But maybe I am entirely wrong about this :)

As for Tavi herself - I DO think she's a really good writer, I wish I had such narrative skills when I was her age.

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