Saturday, February 27, 2010

what happens exactly at castings?

A casting is essentially a job interview for a model. Your agency will give you a time and place to meet the potential client. Dress and groom yourself appropriately for the job in question (you would probably show up for a Pantene Conditioner casting with blow-dried silky hair, fresh make-up, and a simple black outfit...on the other hand you may want to show up to a Terry Richardson casting with bruised knees, ripped denim mom shorts, and a pack of Trojan Magnums...its all relative.)
Sometimes there will be other models at the casting, and you get to wait with them. Which is nice, because you get to size up the competition and catch up with other girls and their travel stories.
So u meet the casting director/editor/job-giving-guy and show them your book (portfolio of pictures) they will ask how old you are, and how tall you are. This is where you lie...
Sometimes they want to see you walk. Sometimes they video tape you, they usually do that for hair jobs. The process can take from 2 to 25 minutes.
Then you thank them, go out to the lobby, and kill time at a Sephora for an hour before your next casting.


Fernanda dauphine said...

Wow, this is actually a really cool blog

your blog description made me laugh, so I guess you made your promise come true =)

Stephanie said...

LOL i thought of this pic when you gave the terry richardson description

ilsteviewonder said...

I wish I could model! jealous! lol =)

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