Monday, August 30, 2010

Fat Free

Just for you, we've torn through another Magizine and now we're going to regergitate it to you without the fluff and fat and worthless articles. This time it's TeenVogue. From the looks of it, DVF and Isabel Marant had hot accesories for fall. We also noticed that the acid trip juicy couture ads are back and crazier than ever. Fashion's Night Out is back for an encore preformance on September 10th and the shirts along with new tanks and hoodies are up for grabs on the website. Also, Blair Waldorf's season 2 mystery bag (with the lock, we thought it was Chloe) is George Gina & Lucy. Sweaterdresses are perhaps the staple clothing item, and it appears as if Jhonny B. has perfected them. We really have no idea what Charlotte Russe is, or what they were thing blatantly copying the unbeatable Chanel quilted caviar bag for a hundredth of the price. Leighton Meester breaks the hearts of teenage Gossip Girl fans by telling us that she used to be a loser. Too bad everyone already knew that, its on her Wikipedia. And apparently shearling is in. Whoever wants to wear what looks like the inside of UGGs minus most of the dirt and sweat can go for it. But try not to be too upset when you get confused for a street Arab.


roxybelle said...

Listen ladies, I need more posts, more often.
There are alot of blogs that are "snacks", but this one is my nourishment and basically now I have a vitamin deficiency.

No but for real.

Kakes said...

you girls are so funny! i miss you! this was a great post, the Juicy ad's are so trippyy

Brunch girls said...

it is actually johnnie B.

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