Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why You Love Us

When the people at Jamba Juice ask us what our name is we say, "I'm Chuck Bass." Jamba Juice is amazing, especially Orange Peel (not on the menu) and Super Yumberry, but don't expect the workers to remember your name, not even if it's something unforgettable like Chuck Bass and frequent (3 times a week).

When we were younger and stupid we went to the Burger King drive-thru on horseback once and in a golf cart twice. The people were freindly, as I remember, Brigitte says the guy behind us honked, but the workers were nice, the guy at the pay window gave me a high-five in the golf cart.

We, like art, are never wrong. We can be bitches and still have some.


Kim said...

I LOVE JAMBA! Esp. Caribbean Passion... we don't have them in Orlando though and this makes me sad. I did the golf cart thing through Wendy's drive through and they refused to serve us. total buzz kill!

Kakes said...

I LOVE JAMBA!! I always get Razmatazz

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