Sunday, September 5, 2010

Orgasmic Bags

We know that even the most benevolent people in the world consider Michael Kors to be an uneducated waste of cum, and you're right. But someone on his design team is bloody brilliant. The Hamilton in  Luggage brown is the most tasteful take on the Birkin we've yet seen. Its only $300 so buy five.

Chloe's envelope sally bag made us happy to be alive and they've exceeded the standard they've set once again. This time its called the marcie. We love it in the gorgeous off white rich-looking color.

Marc by Marc Jacobs' leola is gorgeous, especially in the turquoise. It just went on sale and we've gotten it for a friend.

There's Alex Wang's Rocco tote which everyone under the sun has. We dont understand the attraction.

Mullberry's bayswater is cute enough to buy.

Don't laugh but we love Tods' D-Bag, despite the fact that the person that named it is more inept than Michael Scott. It holds a laptop, makeup bag, wallet, pair of flats, juice boxes, and all the other essentials, but don't expect to be quick at digging things out of the bottom.

Notting Hill's westbourne is a staple. We have 4 between the 2 of us, and yes, we share.

Anyone who hops on the leopard train heading ( a train heading straight tword a clearly visible wall) goes without even an honorable mention.

Lonchamp: carries books, carries groceries, carries cash. The new breicase/tote that is perfectly acceptable to use as a purse.

 We recently saw a purple mystery bag with a brown strap. It had Tory Burch's stamp of approval. Litterally all over it. It was a gorgeous tote and it's $495. We'll get back to you guys on the exact name, tell us, if you know.
We love how the outside label is getting smaller and smaller on bags. You're just supposed to know who makes it, and if you don't, you never will. It's brilliant, classy, and very excellently done. We dont pay 3K to give Lanvin free advertising.


Carolyn Brundage said...

Do tell-- where'd you find the Leola on sale? It's $498 at Nordstrom.

Shayna said...

I was just given the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier tote and am loving it - mostly that it has the shorter strap and the longer detachable one (don't tell me if the Brunch Girls hate it - I would be crushed!) - Agree on both counts on the D-Bag (it's amazing - it takes at least one person to think of these things, and at least one more to approve them!). Also, part of me loves the LV NeverFull but the other 95% can't deal w/ the knock off association of anything LV (insert sigh here!)

Brunch girls said...

Dearest Carolyn,

you have to go to the store and order it, its only on sale in a few colors. Its prolly sold out now so try saks or neiman. Shayna, you're a girl after our own hearts

Shayna said...

Thanks girls :-)

Carolyn - this won't knock the sting out of the Leola's price tag entirely, but may help - some Nordstrom discount codes:

エスタ said...

hey thanks for popping by! and someone who agrees with my sentiments on bag labeling, it't tough living here in japan where so many flock to by the brown louis vuitton, or the gucci bags to display to the world which brand they are carrying.....haaaaaaa

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