Friday, December 25, 2009

We have a new brunch girl. enjoy her first post

Seeing that it is the 25th of December, Jesus' b-day for you morons who dont know, I'm obliged to wish all of you a happy Christmas. Too bad if you're Jewish, im not saying happy Chaunkah because I dont say things I cant spell, which is every other word. And yes, I did say happy because it sounds way better than merry, its more British/Ausie, meaning cooler. If you hadn't noticed, besides being famous for having jacked up teeth, the Brits are know for their great music and lately, relly sexy men, woohoo! To name a few, Jude Law, Pierce Brosnan (that man gets sexier as he ages), Daniel Craig, mhhhh, Orlando Bloom, and you can't forget Hugh Dancy, even has a sexy name:>. Another sexy Hugh would be Jackman aka wolverine. I tell you, I would let that man violate me 20 different ways, I mean have you seen this guy?!! Ooh please be my daddy. You and I both agree that this allows for "double penetrations" hehe. Wow that sounds really disgusting and perverted and I'll have u know, no man is ever "ramming me in the tailpipe", that's just an expression I like to use in very crowded places, it draws attention haha. Ya I'm dirty at times, but it's more for entertainment, I love making people laugh but sometimes those laughs come with mean looks from other people, screw them. I'll give u a situation. So I'm outside siting on my garage floor with my back turned toward the driveway with my brother who's standing by the car. He asks me, "What do you want for Christmas?" And my response was, "Not a gigolo!!" at the top of my lungs. And 'course my neighbor and his family were standing outside, my fucking luck. You might think, 'Wow that's a random response' but I yelled that because this past week, every time I would ask my brother, Ivan,what gift we were buying for whomever, he would respond, "A gigolo", I love my family:). Love is a very important thing to have these days, more so than money. Never let success and money get to your head and in the way of your family, that's what I learned from my amazing and successful cousins this week (hes an accountant, she a corporate lawyer). And they visited from Australia haha. To wrap things up here, I want to especially wish Joebin a happy Christmas, I love you Hun, always.

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